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Featured in Art Seen- the first publication by The Curator's Salon

Featured in The Curator's Salon Podcast hosted by Gita Joshi

Prachi Gothi is an Indian abstract painter based in London. In this episode of the podcast she talks about the difference in art school education she  received in Mumbai and later in London.


Interviewed for Pando Magazine by Verity Babbs

Face filters: the new way to consume contemporary art

9.6 million people visited the Louvre in Paris in 2019. 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day. Even when we do go into art galleries, we’re taking photographs.


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Featured in The Ministry Of Arts podcast hosted by Gary Mansfield

This week Gary Mansfield speaks to Prachi Gothi (@prachigothi)

Prachi completed her BA in Mumbai then moved to London to study at Chelsea for her Masters.  She is an abstract artist that most definitely brought with her, the vibrancy of Mumbai, her paintings are often a ball of shapes and textures that explode with colour before you.